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Take Two

And five months passed the way five weeks did when I was younger. Now that Frank has joined our household, I sense many things will be easier.

1. Groceries. We’ve been shopping like college students because I haven’t been able to do my online research that saves us so much money. Just the basics. As needed.

2. Music. Frank is working hard to get our entire collection into his iTunes. I know we will be listening to a bigger variety of music.

3. Education. With a shiny new, zippy computer, we can learn online. Jason can do some training at home. I can start researching and planning for graduate school.

4. Writing. I have already written more on here in three days than I have in the last five months. Hopefully, I can find a way to use that to feed my family a bit instead of just feeding my soul.

Feeding the soul is pretty good.

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